1)  What  is System Integration  ?

Answer : System integration is the process of joining software and hardware modules into one cohesive infrastructure, enabling all pieces to work as a whole. Often referred to as IT integration or software integration, it results in great advantages.

2) Will you provide a Quotation & BOQ for a project at no charge? ?

Answer : We believe that in order to provide you with a technically correct solution and one that best suits your budget and needs, we will need to spend a considerable amount of time on the design and simulation and there will be a cost attached to this activity and hence it will not be a free service. However, on certain Design services we offer a rebate on our design services if the system in purchased from us subsequently. 

3) Can you sell and Install equipment in locations that are not in cities you operate in?

Answer : Yes, we can provide project support for integration anywhere in Bangladesh.

4) Can I purchase spare parts ?

Answer : No, we will not sell you only spare parts, we provide a complete service solution.

5) Can you Provide Training For KNX System?

Answer : No, We do not have Training Facility  .

6) Are you providing operation Manual Training ?

Answer : Yes, we will provide a complete  operation Manual Training .

7) Can you Provide ETS Software ?

Answer : No, We are not authorised for dealing ETS Software   .

8) How You’ll Get Your Products ?

Answer :  We are sourcing products either  from Manufacturer or authorized distributors from locally or internationally .

9)  What is warranty of your product & Services?

Answer : Warranty of our Products as per Manufacturer & Distributors   .

10) Who will pay the Vat & Taxes  of the imported Products  From Manufacturers?

Answer :  Vat & Tax will  have to pay  by End user .